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Gospel Centered Discipleship.com

Check out the new website: www.gospelcentereddiscipleship.com!

This is just the beginning of a discipleship resource site. We will be adding new books and resources this year. It currently features Fight Clubs, a way to promote grace-driven discipleship in your life and church. Some of the current features include:

  • Blog, Twitter, and Resources page that include articles, audio, & video.
  • An IN CHURCHES page that links to examples of other churches implementing Fight Clubs.
  • Preview the Book, order a Sign, or check out the FAQ.

Fight Clubs now on Amazon

Fight Clubs: Gospel-centered Discipleship is now available on Amazon.com. Thanks to all those who are reading it and applying the gospel principles to this community approach to discipleship.

We keep hearing stories from all over the world of people being blessed from this book. I was recently contacted by a mens group in London and a church in Singapore. The stories of grace are so encouraging. If you’d like to share some your stories or get some resources, be sure to check out the Fight Clubs blog.

We have a new sermon up on Fight Clubs that contains some fresh exegesis of Chuck Pahalniuk’s film and application of gospel identity in fighting for joy in Christ.

*The sign to the right is a stand-up vertical. If you want the files to print the sign contact me at the bottom of the site.

**LuLu is offerin $100 off 100 copies of Fight Clubs til April 30!