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Austin Church Planters Network

I am very encouraged by the grassroots formation of an Austin Church Planters Network. Ben Overby recently compiled a directory and asked me to write an introductory blurb (below). If planters in all cities could come together across denominational lines to seek the good of the city and the glory of God, Christ-centered movements of social and spiritual renewal could spread quickly!

Church planters are often their own best resource. Just as anecdotal information is critical in our attempts to understand culture, so also shared Austin church planting stories can serve to strengthen and refine our church plants. This community of church planters has formed and is forming with a common understanding that we need each other, not only for our individual ministries but also to catalyze a citywide movement of churches planting churches. Though far from formalized, the Austin Area Church Planters Network is attempting to network, resource, and encourage church planters in the Austin area in order to facilitate a Christ-centered, context sensitive church planting movement for social and spiritual renewal of Austin and beyond.