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Resources on Pastoral Ministry

A friend recently asked me for a list of books on Pastoring. Honestly, I have found very few that are worth our time. Here is are the few I have found:

Darrin Patrick on Eldering and Pastoring

The Reformed Pastor, Richard Baxter

Pastoral Trilogy by Eugene Peterson (Angles, Stones, Plant)

On Church Leadership, Driscoll

Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, Piper

The Art of Pastoring, Hansen

Preaching Influences: Nelson, Robinson, Quicke, Driscoll, & Keller

After being out of a week-to-week pulpit for about two years, I have been forced to rethink and redevelop homeletical rhythms. In trying to develop these rhythms I have re-listened to a few preachers from my past—I have been fortunate enough to sit under some great preaching: Tommy Nelson, Haddon Robinson, Michael Quicke & John Piper, as well as soak up influence from Tim Keller.

All of these experiences have been formative in different ways. One thing I have learned is that I am none of these men, nor will I ever have such preaching stature, but that has not kept me from trying to learn how to preach the Scriptures better. Here are a few more things I have learned from them:

  • Tommy Nelson – explain the word of God clearly and push it into the crevices of life.
  • Haddon Robinson – organize your sermon around a central idea and restate it repeatedly and differently
  • Michael Quicke – cultivate communion with the Trinity during the sermon writing process, relying on the Spirit
  • Mark Driscoll – always ask “why or how do I/we resist the message?”
  • John Piper – preach the argument of Scripture, with God at the center, and bank on the promises of God.
  • Tim Keller – preach to the heart, not the will, and be culturally literate, always keeping the non-Christian in mind. Raise the problem of application and solve it with the solution of the gospel.

Mark Driscoll: Six Questions for Preaching

*New Resurgence Video on this topic.

Six Framing Questions for Preaching the Word

1. What does Scripture say? – The Biblical Question
2. What does the Scripture Mean? – The Theological Question
3. What is my Hook? – The Memorable Question
4. Why do people resist this truth? – The Apologetic Question
5. Why does this matter? – The Missional Question
6. How is Jesus the Hero/Savior? – The Christological Question

Download the full notes here, along with notes from Darrin Patrick, Ed Stetzer, Mark Dever & Scott Thomas

Off to Chicago

I am heading out to TEDS for Acts 29 Coaches Training today. I will try to blog a bit while I am there but no guarantees. I will be trained how to coach others in this incredibly challenging task of planting churches. A noteworthy resource made available to coaching candidates is Coachnet. Check it out. We also have read Coaching 101 by Bob Logan.And for an potential church planters reading this, there is a A29 bootcamp this week featuring Mark Driscoll, Ed Stetzer, Mark Dever and Darrin Patrick, and potentially D.A. Carson.