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Porterbrook Austin: Missional Leader Training!

I’m very excited to announce the Fall launch of Porterbrook Austin, sponsored by sister church Soma Community! The Porterbrook Network was created by Steve Timmis & Tim Chester of The Crowded House, co-authors of the book Total Church.

What is Porterbrook Austin?

The Porterbrook Network is a robust, mobile, gospel-centered, training program for missional leaders. As the PBrook Austin site points out, this program is for church leaders, church planters, or simply Christians wanting to deepen their theological understanding and become more mission-focused.

Several Austin City Life people will start P’Brook Austin this Fall. Check out the website and consider joining them to grow more deeply in Gospel, Community, and Misson!

Porterbrook Austin Program Options


Sign-up by September 8th, 2010. More information and pricing can be found on the links above for each program. You can also check out ‘What Is Porterbrook Austin‘ and ‘Which Program is For Me‘.